As the inaugural post of our grand and glorious Bindlepunks Blog (Can you say alliteration attacks again?), I wanted to share a conversation I’ve had with the Bindlepunk tweep @socialarts and its result:

The question was whether 5 is the new hot number for blog lists. It certainly appears that way, and I think it’s because our attention spans on the interwebs is dwindling at a very rapid pace. So here is my list of 5 blog list numbers:
1) A List of One: To be used when you want to be considered an absolute authority and suggest the absolute option.
2) A List of Two: To be used in creating an illusion of choice and/or variety.
3) A List of Three: This is reserved for comedic bloggers as everyone knows three is the magic number of the funnies.
4) A List of Four: When you just can’t cut down to 3 or add to go 5, you’re stuck with 4.
5) A List of Five: When in doubt. Go with 5, there must be a reason why it’s so popular right now, right?
…. Though I suspect 7 could be an interesting proposal, but that’s a very different discussion involving Prime numbers.